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Motorized Patrol Unit (MPU)

MPU Members:

 Kennedy Body, Julian Boulware, Trent Cain, Charles Carter, Ricky Jeffries, Steve Hanna, J. R. Irvin {-}, Tim Johnson, Christopher Jones, Michael Jordan, Johnnie Lowery, David Milton, Durrand Smith, Kevin Scruggs {+}, Patrick Walker, Johnny White, John Wilson Jacques Wyatt

and Dennis Phifer

{+} Denotes Past President, {-} Denotes Honorary Life Member


MPU Officers:

President - Michael Jordan


Vice President -  Patrick Walker


Treasurer - Christopher Jones 


Secretary - Jacques Wyatt 


Sgt-At-Arms - John Wilson


Road Captain - Kivin Scruggs

King in Me by David Ray Harris

From this soundtrack

April 12, 2014

May 2, 2015 in Nashville, TN

Sept 2015

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