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Temple History

Rajah - An arabic word meaning a native prince or king; also, a landholder or person of importance.

        History of Rajah Temple No. 92 Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Noble Mystic Shrine of North and South America and its Jurisdiction Inc. Oasis of Hopkinsville, Desert of Kentucky.


        The Imperial Council constitutionally establish at Philadelphia Pennsylvania, December 12, 1900 Incorporated with the Northern jurisdiction under law of the District of Columbia, November 3, 1901. Rajah Temple #92 at Hopkinsville, Kentucky which was lawfully constituted by us to be received, welcomed, and honored as such everywhere, given under our hand and sealed by the Imperial Council sealed the 28th day of the month, Shanell Heyira 1370 which corresponds to the 2nd day of August 1951. 


        Rajah Temple was set up by Deputy Noble Patterson and Imperial Deputy Potentate Noble Booker T. Alexander, who came to Hopkinsville. The Imperial Officers at this time were Imperial Potentate Noble Raymond E. Jackson, Imperial Deputy Potentate Noble Booker T. Alexander, Imperial Recorder Noble Charles C. Quander, Imperial Chief Rabban Noble James Given, Assistant Imperial Rabban Noble Joseph L. Oliver.


        Some 30 Nobles were created for Rajah Temple. These are some of the names: James A. Landers, John W. Smith, Luther Buckner, William H. Henry, Sammy Jackson, James Key, Frank J. Thomas, Horace Pool, Dr. T. M. Taylor, Robert Banks, A. Garnett, George Wiley, Sam Taylor, and Will Rives.


        These are the first elected officers of Rajah Temple #92: Illustrious Potentate Noble James A. Landers, Chief Rabban Noble Frank J. Thomas, Asst. Rabban Noble Horace Poole, Recorder Noble Luther Buckner, and Treasurer Noble Will Rives.


        Rajah Court #58 was organized and a chapter established in Hopkinsville on the 22nd day of August 1952. Illustrious Potentate appointed a Promotional Director Noble Sammy Johnson, Promotional Director and Rajah Court #58 Illustrious Commandress appointed a committee. This committee consisted of 8 Nobles and 8 Daughters. Meeting once a month this committee was a planning committee for Temple and Court of all affairs such as balls, parades, spring festivals, and Gala Day in Hopkinsville. Jointly, today this working relationship between Rajah Temple and Rajah Court is the only Temple and Court having joint affairs in the domain.


        Rajah Temple have supported and contributed to many needy organizations such as the Jewish Hospital, Rotary Auction, Phelps Avenue School and Big Buddies. Rajah Temple had its first Ham Breakfast on February 14, 1971 with Noble Garland Steward as Chairman and Illustrious Potentate James L. Sebree.


        Rajah Temple for a number of years on Labor Day jointly hand CREATION with Cawthar Temple which ended in 1970. This bit of history of Rajah Temple #92 was given to me by the only two living charted members of Rajah Temple, (Past Potentate, Past Treasurer, Past Imperial State Organizer) Noble Robert Banks and (Past Potentate, Past Treasurer, Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Hopkinsville) Noble Frank J. Thomas. Also Past Imperial Advisors, Imperial Past Potentate, Past Imperial Organizers, and Promotional Directors of Rajah Temple #92. I would like to say thank you to the two Nobles for their support and may Allah bless them and keep them.


Respectfully Submitted by:


Noble James L. Sebree, Past Potentate

Noble Frank J. Thomas, Past Potentate

Noble Robert Banks, Past Potentate

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