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MPU History

The Motorized Patrol Unit for Rajah Temple No. 92 was implemented on 1 April 2012 by Illustrious Potentate Terrence B. Stringer and the Nobility of Rajah Temple No. 92.  It was the will and pleasure of nine (9) Nobles to start a Motorized Patrol Unit for the Temple.  Illustrious Potentate Stringer appointed PP Kevin L. Scruggs with the task of getting this unit up and running.  This is a recreational unit designed to help aid and support the Temple on future endeavors.  The original nine (9) members are listed below.   A copy of this letter should be placed in the archives of the Temple along with a copy of the Motorized Patrol Unit Bylaws.  The name of said unit shall be called from hence forth, Rajah Temple No. 92 Motorized Patrol Unit.



2012 Original Nine (9) Members

President                                                         Kevin L. Scruggs                             

Vice President                                                  John Wilson                                     

Treasurer                                                         Christopher Jones                            

Secretary                                                         Jacques Wyatt                                  

Sgt-At-Arms                                                    Robert S. Taylor, Jr.                         

Road Captain                                                   Michael Jordan                                

Public Relations Officer                                    Lennox Underwood                        

Asst Public Relations Officer                             Patrick Walker                                 

Chaplain                                                           Durrand Smith                                                           


Members who joined in 2013                           

Member                                                           Octavious Williams


The Motorized Patrol Unit would like to take this time to thank Rajah Temple No. 92 for affording us the opportunity to start this unit.  We will do our best to serve the Temple.







                                                                                                                           Kevin L. Scruggs

                                                                                                                           Kevin L. Scruggs

                                                                                                                           Past Potentate

                                                                                                                           MPU President



                                                                                                                            Jacques Wyatt

                                                                                                                            Jacques Wyatt

                                                                                                                            MPU Secretary


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